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Курс на 23-02-2019

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Museum Description
Exhibition "Latvian soldier 1918-1940"
The exhibition "Latvian Soldier 1918-1940" represents items from many private collections in Latvia related to the history of the Latvian army. The exhibition features artifacts, starting with forming of the Latvian riflemen battalions, the War of Independence, and the further development of the Latvian armed forces.
Along with military uniforms, breast badges, documents, paintings and personal belongings of the soldiers, there is also the opportunity to see all the Latvian State awards.
Many of the exhibits are on public display for the first time.

Exhibition adress: Ogre History and Art Museum
Ogre, Brivibas street 36, LV 5001
e-mail: ogresmuzejs@ogresnovads.lv
Phone: 65024345
Nikolay Krivoshein paintings exhibition
From April 30th till May 14th took place Nikolay Krivoshein exhibition.

In contemporary art of Latvia, the famous Riga artist Nikolai Krivoshein is one of the most talented Abstract painters who stabilly cultivates the aesthetics of expression and stylization. Realizing his art credo in practice, Nikolai is a man of principle

Nikolai is skillful in art of precise arrangement of colour contrasts and nuances that in ensamble with an irreproachable space composition of each work create clear, emotionally rich – to man’s mind – paintings.

Naturally, in course of time the creative methods and art tasks become transformed yet artist’s style remains united and his painting manner keeps its recognizable elegancy as well as visual careless. In Nikolai’s works, spontaneity and structure, lightness and seriousness, impressions and thoughts flow into a vivid stream of colours and forms sending a powerful charge of positive energy to a spectator.

Painting by Nikolai Krivoshein is monumental beyond dependence on format of a picture. Attracting with their originality and decorativeness, artist’s works look very effective, fresh and interesting in any modern public or private interior stressing it’s individuality and uniqueness.