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We buy and accept art, antiques and collectible items for the auction.

- please hold the "CTRL" key (selectively) or the "SHIFT" key (in a row) and check your selected files for the simultaneous loading of multiple images

- specify the desired starting price of the lot (fot the auction) or the cost of item (if you want to sale it without waiting for the auction) in the description of the proposed item

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- paintings ( famous latvian and russian painters works )

- porcelain figurines, vases, wall plates ( handiworks un factory-made articles produced in Latvia, Russian empire, USSR, Germany, Lithuania before 1990 )

- collectible porcelain tableware ( handiworks created before 1990 and factory-made articles before 1940 produced in Latvia, Russian empire, USSR, Germany such as sets, cups, plates, beer mugs, teapots, trays, jugs, fruit dishes, caviar servers, ashtrays and etc. )

- silver tableware and other silver articles (spoons, forks, knives, trays, tea glass-holders, beakers, glasses, cups, candy dishes, salt-cellars, cram jugs, caviar servers, snuff-boxes, cigarette cases, candle sticks and etc. )

- crystal with silver ( mostly before 1940 )

- glassware ( mostly before 1940 )

- coins and paper-money ( Latvia, Russian empire and USSR, Europe, USA )

- orders, medals, badges ( Latvia, Russian empire and USSR, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia)

- books ( impressed before 1940 )

- postcards, photographies and other printed works ( impressed before 1940, placards before 1960 )

- icons and metal plastic artworks ( mostly before 1930 )

- jewelery and adornments ( mostly before 1940 )

- watches and clocks ( wrist, pocket, table, floor )

- other interior and collectible articles ( samovars, tea glass-holders, boxes, chandeliers, reading lamps, candlesticks, barometers, cameras, radio receivers made before 1940, different metal interior artworks made by Warsaw masters and etc. )



By accepting lots for the bidding we offer the following services:


- the attribution and the valuation of the item

- taking professional qality photos of the item

- listing of the item on the www.vitber.lv WEB page with a detailed description in English, Latvian and Russian

- exhibiting of the items in the Auction House's showroom

- Real-time bidding Auction

- executing of an agreement for up to 5 minutes (identity document is required)

- free (30 min) and secured car parking for our clients is provided, also

- remuneration for the administration services that is being payed by the seller is 20 % of the lot's final price (or the comission fee is being negotiated individually). For the unsold items no fees applied. 



VITBER art & antiques
Aleksandra Caka street 91, Riga, 
ph. (+371) 27750800 ("WhatsApp" and "Viber" supported)
e-mail info@vitber.lv

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